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3 Things to do before your senior session

Three things to prep BEFORE your senior session

As you start to come closer to the final weeks or days before your senior session. There are these three huge things I recommend you do before your senior session to ensure you are portrait ready!

Moisturize your skin + Lips

This is huge, especially during the winter seasons. During the cold and dry seasons, our skin tends to get dry. No amount of moisturizer applied by our makeup artists can fix extremely dry skin and cracked lips. We should be moisturizing daily at least two weeks before your session and keeping chapstick on hand daily and using it throughout your day until your session.

Capped lips are something that can be avoided and not something to expect your hair and makeup artist to fix or your photographer! One of the best affordable moisturizers I have found is

The Ordinary - Hyaluronic acid

Neutrogena- Hydro Boost Gel - Cream

Mani + Pedi

Yes, treat yourself to a Mani + Pedi!!

I recommend doing this 2 - 4 days before the session, so your nails do not grow out too much.

On the highly suggested side of things, trends come and go. I always recommend doing something timeless and neutral that will go with all your outfits. Your hands and feet will be in a lot if not all your images. keeping them moisturized and tidy before your session is key!

Hair Touch Up

If you are due for a touch-up or a trim. Doing this a few weeks before your session is ideal. But this is not the time to try anything too new or any drastic cuts, Because if you don't love it. The new hairstyle will forever haunt you in your senior session.

This is the perfect time to touch up your extension, roots, highlights, and overall hair maintenance.

Before booking these appointments be sure you are already booked for your senior session!

If you are not booked, use our contact form and we will send your our availability!

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